Register to be a VIP at an exclusive lounge during SXSW. Sponsored by Walmart and hosted at Capital Factory, the Spark Lounge is a place for registered VIP's to relax, network and make connections with the best entrepreneurs, potential investors and customers during SXSW. The Spark Lounge opens Friday, March 10 and concludes Monday evening, March 13 with the ATX Startup Crawl at SXSW. A few of the lounge highlights include:



Each day brings a new adventure into Austin's local food scene. From Torchy's Tacos to Tarka Indian Cuisine, the Spark Lounge will be stocked daily with food from Austin's most notable eateries.  



Emerging technology is an enabler to innovative shopping solutions, evolving the traditional shopping experience. Step inside a virtual shopping experience brought to you by Walmart. 



Every day at 2pm, Walmart, in conjunction with the Innovation Crush podcast, will be recording Crush Course -- a series of inspired fireside chats centered on ground-breaking design thinking and disruptive innovations across retail, consumer behavior, and creative pop culture. Hosted by Chris Denson, speakers include Jean-Francois Bouchard (Chairman & Co-Founder SID LEE), Ariba Jahan (Director of Innovation AD COUNCIL), Ben Parr (Co-Founder & CMO OCTANE AI) and Jean Case (CEO of the Case Foundation and Chairman of the National Geographic Society).



Use the all-access lounge to escape the noise of SXSW. In addition to the features above, the lounge provides the space to relax and recharge devices, unlimited food & drink, quiet space for meetings and calls, free wifi and more.



The Spark Lounge offers the best startup networking during SXSW. Walmart takes it a step further through RFID enabled badges that further personalize the networking experience.  


Register to be a VIP at The Spark Lounge



The Spark Lounge is open to VIP members daily from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm. The lounge has an open bar (don't worry, it's open all day) and tasty treats from Austin's favorite eatery's. Our event concludes Monday evening with the ATX Startup Crawl, one of the biggest startup parties during SXSW.



10:00 am- Lounge opens

10:00 am- Breakfast (Austin Daily Press)

12:00 pm- Lunch (Black's BBQ)

2:00 pm- Crush Course LIVE! featuring Jean-Francois Bouchard, Chairman and Co-Founder SID LEE

3:00 pm-  Snack (Opal's Divine)

5:00 pm- Dinner (Torchy's Tacos)

6:00 pm- Lounge closes




Saturday, March 11, 2017

10:00 am- Lounge opens

10:00 am- Breakfast (Curra's)

11:00 am- Future Forum Reception for Engaging Millennial Entrepreneurs in Policy with Congressman Swalwell

12:00 pm- Lunch (Shady Grove)

2:00 pm- Crush Course LIVE! featuring Ariba Jahan, Director of Innovation AD COUNCIL

3:00 pm-  Snack (Fire Bowl)

5:00 pm- Dinner (Iron Cactus)

6:00 pm- Lounge closes



10:00 am- Lounge opens

10:00 am- Breakfast (Hecho En Mexico)

12:00 pm- Lunch (Texican)

2:00 pm- Crush Course LIVE! featuring Ben Parr, Co-Founder & CMO OCTANE AI

3:00 pm-  Snack (Third Base)

5:00 pm- Dinner (Tarka)

6:00 pm- Lounge closes


10:00 am- Lounge opens

10:00 am- Breakfast (Silver Grill)

12:00 pm- Lunch (Slake)

1:30 pm- Crush Course LIVE! featuring Jean Case, CEO of the Case Foundation and Chairman of the National Geographic Society

3:00 pm-  Snack (Koriente)

5:00 pm- Dinner (The Goodnight)

5:00 pm- 10:00 pm- ATX Startup Crawl at SXSW



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